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The recycling industry creates 1.1 million U.S. jobs, $236 billion in gross annual sales, and $37 billion in annual payrolls.

Recycling promotes environmental sustainability as well as economic sustainability.

By recycling copper and other precious metals, we reduce the need for mining and the destruction of natural resources.

Recycling creates four jobs for every one job created in the waste management and disposal industries.

When we install the right equipment, we save you labor, transportation, and landfill fees.

When we recycle legal and medical documents, we gain toilet tissue and consume fewer trees.

If we recycle cardboard six times, our fiber resources are conserved.

  • Green Planet 21 can implement a safe and reasonable way for your company to recycle most discards.

  • Green Planet 21 provides paper and cardboard (OCC) recycling programs.

  • Green Planet 21 provides plastic recycling programs for shrink wrap and clear films.

How will our decisions around energy and material prepare for an abundant life for future generations? Across the planet, we all aim for more sustainable ways to live and work.

Our commitment to sustainable recycling has influenced every aspect of our business for forty years and counting.


So, we know that truly sustainable recycling solutions are both financially and environmentally workable. Using our strategic sustainability consulting and recycling services, you save money while acting responsibly towards planet preservation.

We form working partnerships based on the unique needs of each business client, military base or municipality.  We analyze the flow of your production and waste materials and find new efficiencies. For every discard in your workplace, especially materials previously considered un-recyclable, we strive to find a better solution. As a result, you save time, labor, energy, and money.


Making a meaningful difference may seem daunting for a single individual or for a single company but it is possible. You and your company can take actions that matter.


Green Planet 21 offers  strategic consulting and sustainable recycling services.

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