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Green Planet 21 provides custom recycling solutions to meet the unique needs of your business. Our innovative recycling practices work for both your finances and our shared environment.

We will find solutions for the widest possible range of your materials, reduce your trash disposal and hauling costs and your carbon footprint.


Green Planet 21 offers custom handling systems for companies generating large amounts of discarded material.
Recycled Cardboard

At Green Planet 21 we strive to recycle every possible grade of paper and cardboard. Every ton of material  landfilled unnecessarily is financially painful and environmentally ugly.

Unique in the industry, Green Planet 21 has market connections to recycle many grades of cardboard and paper. 


Green Planet 21 can recycle many types of food or organic waste and the packaging that comes with it as part of our food and plastic recycling services. We partner with local food waste processors and bio-digesters near some of our locations. 

Image by Jonathan Chng

Over the years, Green Planet 21 found new ways to use materials that were previously landfilled. We currently offer plastic recycling services for clear plastic films and some grades of scrap plastic. In today's market, we seek solutions for HDPE or LDPE plastics and other types as possible. 


Our goal is to maximize the value of your company’s scrap metal while minimizing its impact on the environment. Green Planet 21 offers customized recycling programs for iron and steel and nonferrous metals including aluminum, copper, stainless steel, nickel, brass, tin, and titanium.

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