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Green Planet 21 specializes in total product destruction. Our secure destruction services meet the growing demand for brand name protection. Manufacturers and distribution centers face contamination, incorrect labeling, wrong packaging. Another example is when our customers need to dispose of things they cannot sell. Also, they need to clear storage spaces. So, we provide secure product destruction services. 


When business owners need to  keep unsatisfactory items out of the marketplace, we shred, crush, or slice them by the truckload.

20% of U.S. processed food products become some type of problem. For example, they can fall on the floor or be produced incorrectly. Green Planet 21 can separate the food from the packaging, reclaim the nutrients, bio-digest the liquids, compost the fibers, and recycle the packaging.

hard drives1.jpg
Electronic Media Destruction

Each job is unique. We constantly seek ways to recycle more materials previously not recycled. As we partner with manufacturers, we recycle as much material as possible. Further, we do so in the most ecologically responsible way possible.

Please call or email one of our local shredding company representatives to learn more about secure product destruction and recycling product materials, cardboard, plastics, and digital media destruction.

Some examples:

  • Hard Drives

  • Films

  • CDs

  • DVDs

  • X-rays

  • Discs

  • Credit Cards & IDs

  • Video, Audio, & Computer Tapes

  • Computers & E-waste

  • R&D Files & Data

  • Degausing of Hard Drives

  • Data tapes

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