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Cardboard Sheets

What Makes Us Different:


At Green Planet 21, we strive to recycle every possible grade of paper and cardboard. Every ton of material  landfilled unnecessarily is financially painful and environmentally ugly.

Unique in the industry, At Green Planet 21 has market connections to recycle many grades of cardboard and paper. Our group has extensive background experience in the paper mill industry alongside a deep knowledge of how paper is made and remade. We work with our mill partners effectively to reclaim and reprocess fiber. Whenever possible, we avoid the costs and eyesores associated with landfilling. For example, we have kept coffee filters, silicon release paper, cardboard cores, and various chemically-treated paper boards such as wet strength or poly-coat out of the dumps.

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Customized Services

When your business is generating a large amount of recyclables, Green Planet 21 will create a custom recycling program for the paper and cardboard.

We will assess the tonnage being produced at your facility and we will create a recycling solution specific to your collection needs. This may include the installation of on-site material handling systems.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can help your company to reduce your disposal costs, and reduce environmental impact.

Competitive Pricing

Green Planet 21 uses a competitive pricing model and will give you the best price possible for handling the recyclables generated at your facility. Because we are a full-service provider of various recyclable commodities, Green Planet 21 can lower your company’s freight costs. For example, when we move mixed loads from your facility to ours.

Our plants in Oakland and Tacoma are adjacent to large U.S. ports. So, we can avoid freeway driving as we deliver recyclables for shipment oversees. Our trucks can carry 17,000 more pounds per truckload than most of our competitors.


This efficiency reduces our own freight costs and enables us to pass on those savings to our customers.

Baled cardboard and paper have a higher value than the loose paper that needs to be processed. We offer balers, compactors and other receptacles through our leasing and purchasing programs. The ROI is short and we can provide equipment upfront to be paid off over a period of time.

Contact your nearest representative to learn more about how Green Planet 21 can apply sustainable solutions to the challenges your company faces today:

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