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Manager at Construction Site
Telecommunications Cable Remover (MCV Chopper Truck Operator)


Green Planet 21 Utility Services Canada is a telecommunications company providing outside plant services to telecommunications companies in Western Canada.

Our business address is 170 – 422 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4.

Wage: $29.00 CAD per hour

Location of Work: Great Vancouver Area, BC. The nature of our work requires ongoing travel along utility routes, including remote areas.

Full-Time position, 40 hours per week, plus overtime opportunities.

Job Description

The Telecommunications Cable Remover will be responsible for the on-site training of local telecommunications linemen in the process of safely and efficiently operating the highly specialized MCV Chopper Truck for the purpose of removing large, heavy Telco cables from underground networks. This position reports to the General Manager for specific field task instructions. These tasks consist of setting up the MCV Chopper truck quickly, safely and efficiently in a position that will optimize the removal of large core network Telco cables; safely opening, venting, pumping, clearing and entering manholes; safely and efficiently connecting the end of the cable to the MCV Chopper truck vehicle’s ratchet gearing; safely removing and cutting the Telco cable using the MCV Chopper Truck; removal of the boom and efficient shutdown of the MCV Chopper truck operation in order to move to the next manhole. The Telecommunications Cable Remover is responsible for meeting a daily target amount of cable removed as set by the management team meeting all safety requirements and for maintaining the detailed data tracking for the operations. Applicants have to work at various ongoing work sites.

Essential Job Duties

  • Instruct the local OSP Telco linemen in the safe process of extracting cable from an active core telecom network using an MCV Chopper truck without damaging the network.

  • Meet or exceed daily production goals for removing cable from the underground telecom network. Accurately complete daily production and quality control documentation using electronic tablets at the site.

  • Cooperate with Telco field project management and site personnel to support job requirements. Maintain housekeeping in the trucks, in the manhole and around the work site.

  • Comply with all safety rules. Comply with all environmental regulations.
    Be knowledgeable of departmental Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).


Job Requirements

  • 2+ years’ experience working in an active Telco underground network for the purpose of extracting copper telecommunications cable (NOT fibre optic cable).

  • 2+ years’ experience safely handling MCV Chopper truck.

  • Certified in the use of an MCV Chopper Truck operation.

  • Experience working to exceed established production targets for the removal of telecom cable.

  • Prior safety and confined space training in outside plant operations and work in underground networks for a telecom company.

  • Must be able to work safely and efficiently in a fast paced environment.

  • Experience training employees on the use of heavy construction equipment.

  • Valid Driver’s License


Educational Requirements

  • Completion of high school.

  • Certified training in the use of an MCV Chopper truck for the purpose of removing telecom cable.


Physical Demands

  • Able to lift 50 lbs. and open all sizes of Telco manhole covers.

  • Available to work shift work, night shift, day shift, swing shift.

  • Exposure to confined spaces, extreme temperatures and humidity. May require the use of PPE equipment while handling Telco cable.

  • Able to safely climb ladders into and out of 10 manholes a day with heavy loads of equipment.


Work Environment

  • Outside in manholes on the street throughout most normal weather conditions in Canada.

  • Must be willing to work at various ongoing worksites, including remote areas.


Other Requirements

  • Position requires a Background Check and Drug Testing before and during employment.



This position will receive company benefits that include:

  • 4% paid vacation earnings

  • Paid travel expenses and living stipend provided if project location is outside home area

  • Group Insurance Coverage

  • Extended Medical Coverage provided through Sun Life

  • Prescription Drug Coverage

  • Dental coverage

  • Vision coverage

  • Life Insurance


Please email and put the position you are applying for in the subject line of the email.

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